BOS Vault

We developed the BOS Vault for people who love what the Internet can do for them but want keep their communications
private and within a user group.
Here you will find a fabulous tool to communicate with others and we are developing it all the
time based on feedback from our Users. So, whether you represent a company in business, a sports or social club, a political
movement or are just a group of mates organising a holiday there is something in the BOS Vault for you.

BOS Vault

BOS Vault


Single User
Unlimited Messages
Up to 20 Contacts
Up to 3 Folders
Up to 1GB Storage
BOS Vault

BOS Vault Advanced


Up to 5 Users
Unlimited Messages
Up to 100 Contacts
Up to 10 Folders
Up to 5GB Storage
Customised Design NEW!
BOS Vault

BOS Vault Pro


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Messages
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Folders
Up to 100GB Storage
Customised Design NEW!
Forum NEW!