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Broker Back Office (BBO)

BBO is a dedicated business management system specifically aimed at the international independent financial services sector (IFA's). The system was developed for small IFA firms working in the offshore financial services arena. The system is cloud based so the cost of development and upkeep are shared with many small IFA's, thereby providing a useful tool without having to worry about the development cost to themselves.

Today BBO serves many IFA's across Europe, Africa, Asia and South America and continues to develop based on input and ideas from its customer base. BBO is the perfect platform for start-ups and companies with up to 20 staff.

Custom BBO

As the BBO client base became larger and more demanding we introduced the concept of Custom BBO. At the time, many of our client's were becoming multi-jurisdictional and with the onset of tighter regulations and different compliance procedures, needed their systems to be developed in such a way and to reflect their own individual way of working. Our solution to these growing demands was a simple one.

In 2014, and for a select few of our clients and the time, we took the backbone of the BBO system, placed it on a separate URL and then used it to develop some unique systems based on individual corporate clients requirements. The custom BBO idea was so successful that more than half of our clients prefer this way of doing things. It is a perfect solution for companies that have between 20 and 75 staff.

Even so, a few of our clients need even more than this and for those large companies we now develop Proprietary or "Bespoke" systems

Proprietary and Bespoke Systems

We are capable of building you pretty much anything you want so come and talk to us and we will give you come great ideas!