Back Office Solutions.

Privacy at its Core.

With the onset of the European Union General Data Protection Rules (EU GDPR) in May 2018, it became essential to communicate any sensitive data, documents and files across the internet using encryption to keep privacy at the core of any system you use. more...

BOS Vault is simple to use, it's a dedicated private communication system free from clutter! This means that you won't be paying for features that you don't use and it is one of the few systems around that doesn't charge per user! We are also dedicated to helping you to understand how to use it to by being available on the phone for you (during office hours of course). No robotic chat, FAQ's to wade through or annoying up selling. Just a good old-fashioned service in plain English from a helpful voice at the end of the line. We do have lots of training videos of course and you are welcome to view these at any time. Try checking out the one on the right above.

Meet Our Directors

All our Directors have spent most of their working lives in the Financial Services Industry. Back Office Solutions (BOSL) was incorporated in the Isle of Man in early 2011 to bring together a management team that had been working together for well over a decade in various areas such as broking, fund administration, life company adminstration, asset management and information technology.

The company purchased the web domain, associated intellectual property and customer base from the BVI based company Portfolio Builder Holdings Ltd. The roots of the system go back to 1999 but since 2011 it is has been the sole property of BOSL.

Privacy at its Core

We developed the BOS Vault for people who love what the internet can do for them but want keep their communications private. Here you will find a fabulous tool to communicate with others and we are developing it all the time based on feedback from our users. So whether you represent a company in business, a sports or social club, a political movement or are just a group of mates organising a holiday there is something in the BOS vault for you.